The Genius Sacrifice is Complete!

$110,380,000+ Sacrificed!

($51,733,321 by exchange value)

Still want the first supply of Genius? Get the Legacy GENI token to claim your spot!

Time until the sacrifice phase ends.


"Genius is a hyper-yield Certificate of Deposit, secured by the blockchain and driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Genius’s AI incentivizes user behavior to produce upward market trends that benefit all holders of Genius."

Genius is a new Store of Value token that is designed to be scarce, valuable, and to appreciate in value. It addresses the Store of Value industry (Gold, Bitcoin, Banking CDs / Time-Lock Deposits, etc.), which is worth over $25 Trillion. It is a system that creates value for people who hold (stake) the Genius token. This sacrifice, and crypto (more broadly), represents Freedom: Financial Freedom and Transactional Freedom.

The Genius Sacrifice Event ended on June 1, 2022. A total of 24,144,491,496.6074 (24.1 Billion) sacrifice points were generated, and an audit for the blockchain transaction data (for Ethereum and Binance) is available here:
The raw Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file has the Genius token supply distribution numbers per sacrifice account in Genito units, and that file is available here:

When you buy the placeholder token (Legacy GENI), you get the "Genius Pays Better" Sacrifice Bonus.

The Genius Sacrifice

is a 28-day online event in support of financial freedom for the political statement:

"Crypto is Freedom: Financial Freedom and Transactional Freedom. The more relevant crypto becomes, the less relevant the evil actors of humanity will become. Crypto and decentralized assets PROTECTED FROM ALL NATIONAL POWERS are the best way for people to claim their sovereignty, strip government of the potential for any abusive powers, make war too expensive for humanity to engage in, and restore the duty of government to work for the people and enable the people to exercise the ultimate level of personal responsibility, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is the true financial independence that the United States forefathers fought for This is 1776, version 2.0."

Those in support of financial freedom will pledge different tokens and cryptocurrencies to show their declaration of financial independence.

After the event, all sacrifice points will be tallied to determine each supporter's allocation of the initial supply of the new Genius Smart Financial Contract.

The Genius Sacrifice is a 28-day online event in support of the political statement

How do I sacrifice?

DO NOT SACRIFICE! The Sacrifice Event is over and you will not receive sacrifice points if you sacrifice now. All information on this website is for historical purposes. In the past, to sacrifice, people sent their approved tokens to the Sacrifice Address. Make sure you read below for information on how your crypto account will get sacrifice points to receive the Genius air drop.

The address to send your tokens for sacrifice is:


Where can I find more info?

Read below! :) Also, in regards to cryptocurrency sacrifices, Jeffrey Christian wrote a great article about it back in 2018.

Read here

Sacrifice Points will be awarded on the following basis:

IMPORTANT: This is not an investment of any kind, and sacrifice points have zero monetary value. Any points awarded to you as part of the sacrifice do not provide you with any legal, equitable or other any rights in relation to Genius or any individual or company involved in the Genius community.

For the avoidance of doubt, you are not entitled to any voting, equity participation or any other rights that would ordinarily attach to a share of a company.

Point Multipliers:

"Earlier Pays Better" (EPB) Multiplier: The earlier you sacrifice, the more points you will receive. There will be a maximum of 10 days at the beginning where the sacrifice may receive the maximum number of sacrifice points.

The sacrifice rate for token values and GENI will then increase by 5% every day thereafter. For example, with Ether value (in USD), ERC20 value (in USD), and stable coin units, the number of units necessary for 100 points are as follows:

The formula to calculate the number of USD units per 100 sacrifice points is:

= MAX(1, 1.05^(Sacrifice Day - 10))

And to calculate the number of points per USD:

= 100 / MAX(1, 1.05^(Sacrifice Day - 10))

The worst sacrifice rate for 100 points is on Day 28, with a rate of about $2.40 per 100 Sacrifice Points.

"Bigger Pays Better" (BPB) Multiplier:All sacrifices will be totaled and ranked by sending address. A multiplier will be applied for each sacrifice (transaction), starting from the largest sacrifice point address to the smallest. The top address may earn up to 2.5x points.

"Genius Pays Better" (GPB) Multiplier: When Legacy GENI is sacrificed, the Earlier Is Better Multiplier also applies; however, the starting rate for 1 Legacy GENI is 333 Sacrifice Points. The number of units necessary for 333 points are as follows:

  • Days 1-10: 1.00 Legacy GENI
  • Day 11: 1.05 Legacy GENI
  • Day 12: 1.1025 Legacy GENI
  • Day 13: 1.1576 Legacy GENI
  • Day 14: 1.2155 Legacy GENI

The formula to calculate the number of Legacy GENI units per 333 sacrifices points is the same as calculating the number of USD units (for ETH, HEX, and stable coins). Calculating the number of points per Legacy GENI is similar:

= 333 / MAX(1, 1.05^(Sacrifice Day - 10))

For as long as the market price of Legacy GENI remains under $3.33, people who sacrifice will get more sacrifice points by purchasing and sacrificing Legacy GENI. Legacy GENI tokens can be acquired from Uniswap by copying/pasting the link to your MetaMask explorer, or by importing the following Legacy GENI contract address into Uniswap's "Manage Token Lists" section.

WARNING: Do not send any tokens to the above address for Sacrificing!! Also, if you need any help, the Genius Community is very helpful and speaks many languages :)

For the first 10 days, every GENI sacrificed will yield at least $3.33 worth of Sacrifice Points.

Duration:The sacrifice will last for a total of 28 days only, and during this time you may sacrifice as many times as you choose. Any sacrifice sent past the end of the 28th day will earn zero sacrifice points.

Multiple Sacrifices: You may decide to sacrifice several times from the same wallet. Your total points will be calculated by aggregating these amounts and applying any appropriate bonuses.

Sacrifice Distribution: All sacrifice points will be scaled to distribute 240 Billion of the Official Genius contract’s tokens. At the most, 35 Million Legacy GENI will be in circulation after the sacrifice, and this will represent a maximum of 35 Billion Official Genius Tokens to be minted. Therefore, Genius’s official starting supply will be between 240 Billion and 275 Billion GENI.

In summary:

How to Sacrifice: Sacrificing is done by sending the approved ERC20 tokens to a published ERC20 sacrifice address or the approved BRC20 tokens to a published Binance Smart Chain address. The address will be posted here ( and will also be available on the official telegram chat room:

Pre-Sacrifice: If the Sacrifice address is released before the official sacrifice start date is announced, pre-sacrifices will receive the maximum sacrifice points at the best rate.

Sacrifice Calculator: Check out this calculator to guestimate the approximate number of Official Genius Tokens you will receive from your sacrifice!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER If you choose to partake in the sacrifice, you must have no expectation of profit, nor expectation of profit derived from the work of others. This is not an investment of any kind, sacrifice points have zero monetary value, and any and all Genius Tokens you receive from your sacrifice have no monetary value.

Important Disclaimer

If you choose to partake in the sacrifice, you must have no expectation of profit, nor expectation of profit derived from the work of others.